Clinical Nurse

Heather has worked as a registered nurse for 30 years. She has worked in a variety of hospital and community areas from Intensive care to Palliative care. She has a post-graduate certificate in health science. Heather moved to immunology/ allergy in early 2014 and completed the certificate in Allergy Nursing with a distinction pass.

Outside of work, Heather is a mother of three adult children and enjoys her animals and garden on her lifestyle block.

Heather is available on Tuesday and Wednesdays and oversees the food and drug challenges, aspirin desensitisation, and immunotherapy. She also does the skin prick tests for allergen identification.


Personal Assistant

Janice has a considerable history working in medical administration roles, including General Medical Practice, Ophthalmology and now Immunology. She enjoys the challenge and complexity of organising efficient clinics, and the rewards of helping patients access professional opinions and treatments.

Married with two grown-up sons, Janice is surrounded by an extensive circle of family and friends. In her spare time, she enjoys walking and jogging in the Eastern beaches area.



Daphne has been part of the Meditrina team since May 2015. Prior to this, Daphne worked in a dental practice, assisted people with learning difficulties, and led a successful sales career spanning over 20 years.

Having recently moved to Hamilton, Daphne spends her time split between two cities. Rather than putting the commute in the ‘too-hard’ basket, Daphne considers it an opportunity to visit family, and work, both being important commitments for her.

Beyond this, Daphne enjoys her garden in the Waikato, and exploring the surrounding area.

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